networking wthout trying…

When I initially launched into political activism a little over 18 months ago, I envisioned nothing more than being a volunteer in some office stuffing and licking envelopes, with maybe a few protest rallies and marches thrown in for good measure. And I have done that. But I certainly didn’t envision turning into a chair of a tech committee for a PAC, or being a secretary for two other committees, or being a voting member on the PACs Coordinating Committee, or gaining a roommate, or lobbying representatives, or testifying at a state hearing, or running for Democratic delegate, or being a proxy delegate at the California Democratic Convention in Sacramento (man, that was one very intense weekend – and it was all work-related!) or, well, anything that’s happened in the last year and a half.

Nor did I envision what an amazing job networking opportunity it would turn out to be.

Of course there was the whole web maintanence job I did for CongressionalCandidate, which was pretty damned cool. Well, it turns out she wants to turn the site into an exploratory site, to keep the heat on Jane Harman and so that everything’s in place should she decide to run again in 2008 (which seems pretty likely). And she wants to keep me onboard to keep it going and attach a blog to it, which I will be running, but I may not be posting to very much. Because, though we first talked about it late Friday night, I already have people lined up who want to contribute. Amazing! I mentioned it to a couple of people and they leapt at the chance. And I have no doubt we can get more folks to join up. I also have another person who wants to help with the technical parts of the site and blog, a man who was our volunteer IT guy for the campaign and did a terrific job.

Yeah, I’m going to be managing a web team. How bloody freaky is that? I don’t think I’ll be working quite enough hours to support myself, because this is all coming from CongressionalCandidate’s pockets and she’s not independently wealthy, though she has agreed to up my rate from $15/hour to $20/hour. So I think it’ll be a nice supplemental income.

But that’s okay, because it looks like I’ll get enough work elsewhere to pay the bills, as a woman I know through SoCal Grassroots – she used to be the chair of the Communications Committee – has projects she wants me to help out with and she has a business partner who it looking for people to do web maintenance on several large websites and who seems pretty eager to meet with me when he’s in town in a couple of weeks. I have a pretty good feeling about this. And I can work from home – whee!!

And here I was worried I’d have to go back to a 9-5 office job as an assistant.

Thank you, Politics!!

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