This is the fifth post in two days, after not writing a word here since mid-March.

(Okay, that’s not entirely true – I did start to write a post about how happy I was the Clippers had made the play-offs, but obviously that stayed in draft mode, so as far as y’all are concerned, it really had been nearly three months since my last bon mots. And they very nearly made it the Western Conference Finals! Guess who was a happy little Clipper fan for a little while? Anywho, I digress. As if that’s any surprise..)

So, the fact that I’m writing here so much can only mean one thing: I’m procrastinating my little heart out.

I have to revamp my resume completely, as the short term assignments I’ve had recently really don’t look good in the current chronological format.

I hate working on my resume. It sucks so many levels of pointy rocks that I dread it with every cell in my body. How the hell do I turn it into a functional style format that will make people who pay more than $15/hour want to hire me? I mean, could live on $15/hour, but just barely.

And tonight I’m going to a Capoeira class, which a couple of new friends (whom I met through the campaign) are totally into and which looks very interesting. They think I’ll enjoy it and they’re probably right.

So I gotta get ready for that soon.

Back to the word mines I go…

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