is it wrong?

As I try to wrestle sense out of this damned resume, I’ve got Young Sherlock Holmes playing on TV.

As I glance occasionally at the screen, I’m reminded again at how cute I thought 18 year old Nicholas Rowe was back when the movie first came out in 1985. Back when I saw it two and a half times in the theater and I bought the soundtrack, souvenir program and countless teen magazines featuring the young actors.

Twenty-one years later I look again at Nicholas Rowe’s youthful visage and I still think he was quite the cutie.

Is that so wrong?

(PS – I’ve seen Nicholas in more recent films – I still think he’s rather attractive (Angelfire won’t let me link to individual images), all tall and long and lean, with that thick, curly hair. And he rocks the period costumes pretty darned nicely. Since he’s only a few months younger than me, maybe it’s not so wrong after all…)

Fine, fine, back to the words I go.

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