Like pretty much every straight woman of my generation (and maybe a few lesbians and gay fellas), I have a little crush on John Cusack. I actually think it’s a requirement of ladies in my age range. So imagine the thrill of pleasant surprise I experienced when I read a blog entry he wrote on The Huffington Post. Slamming the neo-cons? Excellent. Telling the Dems to grow balls? Well done. Praising my pretend boyfriend Jon Stewart while also saying that he’s too easy on the Republicans that sit at his desk? True enough, though I think of Jon using his joking questions and accusations to slide a knife in the ribs, as opposed to hitting over the head with a blunt weapon.

Mmmm, John Cusack. Nicely done.

Remember my entry regarding Intelligent Design? Well, on Tuesday the voters in Dover removed the eight wingnuts on the Dover School Board and replaced them with eight Democrats who presumably follow science. The new board members have said that Intelligent Design will still be taught in schools, but as part of an elective course on comparative religion, not as part of science courses.

Voters of Dover? You rock.

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