waving hi…

Still here. Just working on the special election (yea for us!), trying to tame the Congressional campaign site I’m working on, trying to get things lined up to go to school in January, doing friend and family related stuff – you know, letting life overwhelm me, as usual.

So I thought I’d let y’all know I’m still in relatively good health (though I’ve been battling a low-level headache for a few days due to my bad neck being too tense for words), still keeping busy and all that sort of thing.

Ooh, guess what? It’s official: I’m actually heading my first Editorial Meeting this weekend for the incoming writers for the political blog and, hopefully, articles for the SoCal Grassroots site. A group of organizational folks met last week to determine the shape and focus of the blog and we came up with some great ideas. It looks like Randy (my fellow contributor over at SCG) and I will be heading up the editorial part of the blog, with others looking into the mechanics of some of the things we have in mind, which is fine with me.

It’s enough to make a girl feel kinda important.

Crap, I’m having trouble getting my head through these double doors again. Could someone call a contractor?

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