bless you, ladies…

I have finally gotten off my big booty-shaking ass, doing the updates I should have started yesterday. I’ve been working on it a few hours now, but there are so many events to be added to the SoCal Grassroots online calendar that it could conceivably take all day. I want to get it all finished to free up my next day or two to work on the campaign site for the woman that I know who is running for Congress. After all, gotta get the paid work done. And I need to make time to catch up on the news and update the SoCal Progressives blog – thank heavens Randy’s been keeping it going while I was gone. Hopefully we’ll have additional contributors on board by the end of the week, so Randy and I won’t be feeling the pressure of, “Argh! We’re the only ones!” There are also events to attend this week which need to be squeezed in.

This isn’t to say that I’m motivated to work. Oh no, my friends. Far from it. But work’s gotta get done and I’ve got to do it. To that end, I’d like to profusely thank Meg and Science Girl for their help in getting me motivated. How, you ask? By putting together the most fun JournalCon mix CDs ever. Not that I have any other JC CDs to compare them against. But they are rocking my web site updating world and, for that, I am deeply grateful.

The fabulous Petrouchka also provided a JC mix CD, but as it’s all classical music (which I do enjoy, BTW) and I’m in need of driving rock guitars, strong drum beats and slouchy-peppy jazzy-lounge standards, its turn on my stereo will have to wait until my work is done.

Here I dive into the political bytes again. Wish me luck. 10010111…

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