Here I Am…

…ending my second week at JPL, and allow me to say, I’m still super jazzed. Nothing I do is directly related to science, as it’s administrative/customer support for the internal education of employees and contractors (JPL is big on promoting education and giving its employees the tools to do their jobs well – what a concept!), but walking around the lab grounds fills me with a thrill and sense of wonder, much like how I felt the first time I worked on a studio lot or when I worked on Sunset after a lifetime spent in a suburb of one kind or another. Surreal and pretty much at home. I already feel comfortable with my co-workers, which is great.

I’m liking this whole JPL thing. It’s all good.

(I’ve got two other entries written in my notebook, done during a rare slow time last week, but I haven’t had the time to type them in here. Hopefully soon.)

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