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Thanks, Chuck and Jim!

Man, I’ve been a bad blog mommy. I have a story to finish and two, count ’em, two memes to reply to, from Jim and Grace. I need to get my nicely cushioned derriere in gear.

I’ve just not been in the mood to sit at the computer all that much, to write or to read (I’m horrendously behind on many of my regular blogs/journals – I will catch up, I promise). And since my modem died over the weekend (which I didn’t notice until Monday, as I was in meetings and hanging out with friends all weekend), I may be less likely to write. Though Sarriah has offered to loan me one for a little while until I get a new one (yes, I still live in the land of dial-up – the 20th century is very nice, thank you very much), so maybe I can’t use that as an excuse. Uh, never mind.

Thank heavens for the Burbank library. And it’s in bike riding distance – yea!

Yes, I will be back at some point. Not sure when it’ll be on a more regular basis, but, despite appearances, I am not casting aside all the fun of the fair…. Just taking an intermittent hiatus, it would appear.

See ya soon!

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