Man oh man, I’m gonna be obnoxious for a little while. At least until the novelty of a camera phone wears off. Bear with me – I’m actually writing an entry at the moment, but it’s not ready for public viewing. Until then, on with the photos!

This is Noel, my oldest cat. Not a good picture of him, but it was taken this morning, so it’s a recent one. He’s almost 12 years old and is the grumpy old man of the bunch.

Here’s Matisse, the second oldest at about 10 years old. Also taken this morning. I need to take kitty photos in better light. And I still need to take pictures of BJ and Edison. Perhaps tomorrow.

The Pacific Design Center, in the neighborhood in which I work. Some people hate this building, some like it. I think it’s rather neat looking, but I’ve been known to have odd taste. So sue me.

Because I like to save the best for last, here’s GruvLoungeGoth (a nickname that’s got to go – it doesn’t really describe him). I took it today during lunch, catching him completely unawares. Still, I think it’s a really good photo of him. He doesn’t agree, but was gracious enough to allow me to post it. The only GruvLoungeGoth accoutrement missing is his smile. Shame too, ’cause it’s a nice one. Perhaps I’ll capture it another time. He likes this one better anyway: Image Hosted by

Have I annoyed y’all sufficiently yet?

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