ooh, shiny picture!

During my lunch hour I took a trek to get myself a new cell phone, as the one I’d had since March (as well as the pre-paid plan I used) made me rather unhappy.

After some discussion with the cell phone salesman, I decided to join the human race and get a phone with an honest-to-goodness contract and everything, just like most cell-phone having people. Especially since the plan I wanted to get came with a free cell phone.

So now I have an adorable little cell phone that makes me super happy. And best of all: it has a camera. Yep, now I can be just as obnoxious as every other person with a camera phone. Yea!

And here’s my first picture:

(Okay, not the first picture I took, but certainly the first one I found acceptable to post, even if I don’t look that green as a rule. Nor are there usually such dark circles under my eyes. It’s the lighting, yeah, that’s it. BTW, I’m at work.)

So this is what life in 21st century Los Angeles is like. Huh.

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