drama queen much?

Feeling better this morning than last night. I guess getting some sleep seems to be the magic cure-all. That and writing it down. Perhaps my little entry of last night helped to expunge a few demonettes that were lying about, to let things out. Hard to believe, since I am singularly capable of verbal and written diarrhea and tend not to keep a whole lot to myself, but there it is.

And I think I’m even feeling a little better about CuteNerdBoy and his girl. Not that I’m about to declare her my bestest friend forever and invite her for a sundae at the local ice cream parlor or anything. But I am feeling less Sturm and Drang about it all, which is obviously of the good.

Doesn’t mean that I don’t think the male gender as a whole – and unmarried straight men in particular – doesn’t deserve a collective smack upside the head. That is still very much in effect.

What? You think I let go so easy? Oh, how little you know…

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