meme, marvelous meme…

Because I’m a sucker for a good meme, I’ve opted to post a brand new one created by Chuck. Mainly because the result is one I like, not to mention a little scary in how it happened to pull up one of favorite blogs.

The Lucky Clipboard Meme, as described by Chuck:

Go to Google. Paste whatever’s on your clipboard right now into the search box and click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Report your result.

While Chuck didn’t report his text (because, I suppose, it led him to the BBC’s Teletubbies page – can’t say as I blame him), I will.

I have exchanged a few e-mails with a fellow online writer in Boston (Patrick, my almost husband) – turns out his company has an LA office and he’s already contacted them for me. I’m going to check to see if they would hire part-time or swing shift so that I could go to school.

I was simultaneously IMing with the lovely Linda and the stunning TheFirst re: my new job developments and my fingers were too tired to type the same thing twice. I’m just lazy that way. And yes, Patrick does indeed rock.

So what was the result when I plugged the above into Google and clicked the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button? None other than the March 2004 archives of Wil Wheaton‘s blog.

I think Google now has the ability to read my mind. Or at least my browser cache. Which doesn’t bode well for Chuck, come to think of it…

*cue spooky Theremin music*

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