the countdown begins…

April is quickly approaching and it’s looking to be quite a fun and busy month. And I’m excited. I’ve got two trips out of town planned, to Las Vegas and San Francisco, and I may or may not be headed up to Fresno for a couple of days to help my mom move into her new apartment (depends on if I’m needed).

I have mixed feelings about my mom moving up north. She’s excited about it, which is good, and she’ll be fairly close to YoungerSis and her family, which helps my mom to get even more excited. And because she’s excited, I am too.

But my mommy is moving away. Still in the state, it’s true, but she won’t be just over the county line any more. And that saddens me. Still, I should be happy for her and I am.

And I’m giving myself three very special birthday gifts: the San Francisco trip, opening night viewing of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which opens four days after my birthday (I watched the trailers today and I’m both hopeful and frightened) and four piercings.

Yep, I’m getting myself pierced. Don’t worry, it’ll all be in the ears.

I’ve long thought about getting additional ear piercings. Right now I have one hole in each ear. I used to have a second in my left ear, but at some point I removed the stud and forgot to put it back in, so the hole closed up. So I want to get that one re-opened, plus another hole in each earlobe. The fourth piercing will be in the upper right ear, through the cartilage, similar to what GraceD and her daughter got, though I’m planning to go to a shop that specializes in body piercing. I’m experiencing a bit of trepidation regarding the cartilage piercing, because I’m not exactly a fan of pain, but I’ve been wanting it for several years, so I might as well go for it. I mean, a girl only turns 39 once, right?

Besides, the pain will help to prepare me for my 40th birthday present to myself: my first tattoo…

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