no one hates me…

I’ve been at this journaling/blogging thing for a little while, but somehow I have managed to avoid receiving the one thing that shows an online writer has arrived: hate mail. Even Brian has received hate mail and his blog is less than a week old.

Maybe I’m just not controversial enough. Maybe even when I’m ranting about politics, expressing in no uncertain terms my dislike, nay, my extreme hatred of the current political environment – maybe even then I just come off as a sweet lil’ putty tat (albeit one with claws). Or maybe the sorts of illiterate fuckwits that enjoy sending a bit of hate mail to random strangers just don’t stroll across my thresh-hold.

Whatever the reason, I don’t seem to inspire unreasoning bile in others. Which, on the whole, is a good thing. It means people aren’t going to walk up to me and punch me in the face, which, you know, I think is pretty positive. I don’t like being punched in the face. I’ve had it happen before. It hurts.

Still, when I read John Scalzi‘s reposting of How To Send Me Hate Mail, I think that, once again, I’ve missed out on something that is an intrinsic part of writing on the internet.

Because, who wouldn’t want to be called a Homonecropetapyrobestiphiliac? That’s some brilliant shit right there. And I don’t care if you hate me for thinking so.

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