bound and determined…

…to break my heart. It’s obvious that is the intent of KGDS. For these are the last three songs it has played:

Dar WilliamsIf I Wrote About You

A Girl Called EddyPeople Used To Dream About The Future

Keri NobleFalling

Now it’s playing Fruit Tree by Nick Drake, about which I’ve blogged before. And my poor little heart is breaking into teeny-tiny pieces.

C’mon, KGDS, I know ya got something upbeat or uptempo in there somewhere. I mean, I rated Red Hot Chili Peppers and Andrew Bird. Maybe a little Louis Armstrong or Heart or Keller Williams or Cream?

Wait, here’s a new song… And it’s Pendulums by Sarah Harmer. Fine. No problem. I’ll just hunt up a little Super Glue and use it on my heart when you’re done smashing it to pieces, you evil personalized radio station.

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