color me not surprised…

I’m not a news junkie. I don’t read the New York Times front to back. I don’t watch CNN every day. I don’t lie prostrate on the floor, my chin resting on my hands as my eyes peer lovingly up at C-SPAN.

I listen to news radio as I get ready for work in the morning. I’ll catch a few headlines here and there during the day. And I watch The Daily Show, my chin resting on my hands as my eyes peer lovingly up at my pretty pretty pretend boyfriend Jon Stewart.

That’s enough for me. But sometimes it means I’m a little behind on many things that don’t appear above the fold.

Luckily there are bloggers out there who are far more conversant with all the little ins and outs of the news cycle. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mike Reed of Man About Murfreesboro, he is a fellow whom I love to read and whom many bloggers and journalers have long cited as their go-to person for all things political. True, he writes with a rather left slant, but he will always cite his sources, which is a must when writing about the news. He was Daily Kos before Daily Kos existed.

He recently wrote about a breaking story which involves a rather suspicious “journalist” the Bush White House seems to rather like. Read about “Jeff Gannon” and a letter from a ranking member of the House Rules Committee.

Elucidation, thy name is Mike Reed.

*************************I have finally joined the world of the enlightened. I have started reading Neil Gaiman’s journal. Yeah, I’m a billion years behind. What else is new?

BTW, that Neil Gaiman? Is a cutie pie! He actually looks a little like one of my ex-boyfriends (the one with whom I’m still a friend – actually that ex looks like a combination of Neil Gaiman and Geoffrey Rush).

Yeah, count me in with all of the Gaiman fan-girls. Damn it.

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