the end is near…

I’ve been in a bit of an unintentional news blackout this week, so I just found out something that made entertainment news a couple of days ago:

Enterprise has been canceled.

As reported on, this will mark the first time in eighteen years that an original Star Trek series will not air. Eighteen years.

I admit I’ve not been paying attention to Enterprise since its series premiere, despite the presence of Scott Bakula – whom I think is a yummy treat – and the excellent work of John Billingsley. It just never caught my attention. Perhaps it was the progression of the malaise that Voyager inspired in me, though I’ve always liked Robert Picardo. I’m not sure. But I haven’t been a hard-core Trekkie for many years.

Despite this, and the belief that it was definitely time for a franchise break (did y’all see Insurrection and Nemesis? Yeesh!), I do feel a bit of sadness. I’ve been a Trek fan since I was twelve or so, becoming irrevocably hooked on the original series and falling head over heels for The Next Generation. Though my obsession was on the wane midway through Deep Space Nine, I still enjoyed it and can’t wait until that series syndicates again so I can catch the episodes I missed. Though I suppose I can always keep an eye out for DVDs.

Rest well, Star Trek. You have lived long and prospered, but you’ll never be truly gone from our hearts, minds and TV screens. Because syndication rakes in the bucks, yo.

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